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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Editor’s Picks: Books That Grab Your Interest!

There are many things that can make a picture book special. Some have amazing art and others have imaginative stories, but these picture books have something extra—they ask readers to interact with the book, creating an incredibly fun and unique reading experience.


How to Read a Story is one of my favorite picture books coming out this month. Its cheerful illustrations perfectly complement this cheeky “step-by-step” guide. It does a great job of getting readers of all ages to think about how stories are told and what makes a good book. It does a perfect job of capturing the excitement of reading a story from “once upon a time” to “the end.”


 Officer Buckle and Gloria is just filled with fun. Poor Officer Buckle is so serious about safety, but no one pays attention to his safety tips because he is kind of boring—luckily, he’s got a silly sidekick to help him drive his message home. Readers will delight in watching his dog, Gloria, act out each safety tip while Officer Buckle is none the wiser. This book won the Caldecott Medal, and I can understand why. The illustrations are brilliant.


 In Mix It Up!, readers are invited to tap the pages, turn the book, and see colors transform, all with just a touch of imagination. It’s incredibly creative!


 Swing into action with this book that asks readers to talk back, turn pages, and (of course) Count the Monkeys!


The little red chicken in Interrupting Chicken is so excited by story time, she can’t help but jump in. This Caldecott Honor book is comical and reassuring!


Every month, Scholastic Reading Club puts the best children’s books into the hands of kids all over the country. In the Editor’s Picks section of Firefly, you’ll find a selection of wonderful picture books that I recommend for parents and children to enjoy together.



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