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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Get Ready for the Next Grade!

Graduation glee can often be followed by anxiety about moving up to the next grade.  Will my new teacher be nice? Will I understand what we learn in class? Will my friends from my old class be in my new class? These and many more pestering worries can keep students anxious throughout the summer. Consider the three books below an antidote to calm these types of worries and reassure students that there is no obstacle they will not be able to tackle in their new grade!

The Very Fairy Princess Graduation Girl is a great read that blends the happiness of graduation with anxiety about the next grade in a way that will be very familiar and relatable to young graduates.


The Night Before Kindergarten is a charming picture book focuses on a group of children preparing for kindergarten the night before school begins. These young students deal with normal first-day anxiety for kindergarten- not least of which is saying good-bye to mommy and daddy.


In Junie B., First Grader (at Last!), our heroine finally gets to move up from Kindergarten to First Grade, and has to deal with a whole new set of challenges such as new classmates, a new teacher, and new glasses! Junie B. has always been a personal favorite of mine: she is cheeky in the best way and always honest about her fears.  Junie B.’s antics in this book will give comfort and laughter to any anxious first or even second grader.


For more books about graduation, search scholastic.com/clubs.

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