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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

First Day Favorites

Every year, teachers and students get ready for back to school. Lessons are planned. Calendars are mapped out. Classrooms are decorated. Pencils are sharpened. Supply lists are checked off and backpacks are stuffed full.

Before the first day, we know that most teachers turn to their bookshelves to choose just what books to share with their classes as they get to know one another. We reached out to some of our favorite teachers to find out just what they might be reading this year as they kick off a great year of learning, exploring, and sharing the love of reading!


In Atlanta, GA, Kindergarten teacher Amy Beasley plans to pull out Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. “It’s such a great book for the beginning of the year. I read this book during the first week of school, and we talk about treating our classmates kindly and work out those first week’s jitters. Then we’ll revisit it later in the week and do a math activity, counting the letters in our names and creating a graph to compare them.”


Charlotte Caldwell, a 2nd Grade teacher in California, will start the year with How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids. She chose this because “it teaches personal responsibility and reinforces our school core values of respect, responsibility, and integrity.”


In the Bronx, Wandiza Williams is likely to read books from Dan Gutman’s My Weird School series. She likes this series “because it is modern and hilarious. They are great books to introduce vocabulary, word play, and series.”


Christine Hopkins, a 4th Grade teacher in Texas, fell in love with Wonder when it was published and shares it with her students “because of the point of view it brings to our lives on kids who are different, which just happens to be my whole class. I teach the bilingual SEI students and other students who have either ADHD, anxiety, or failed our state test last year. Teaching students about compassion has been a mission of mine because I don’t think we have enough of it in the world.”


Some other favorites that teachers have mentioned are The Kissing Hand, Charlotte’s Web, Thank You, Mr. Falker, and even Roald Dahl’s The BFG. You’ll find these and many other great books for the start of the school year, online and in Reading Club flyers now!

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