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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

#PattersonPledge of the Week: Dover High School

Earlier this year, bestselling author James Patterson pledged to give $1.75 million in grants to school libraries nationwide—matched by Bonus Points from Scholastic Reading Club! Winning schools have been presented with a phenomenal opportunity to improve their libraries and bring the joy of reading to more members of their school community. We reached out to librarians from winning schools to learn more about their libraries, schools, and plans for the grant money. Today we’re talking with Janet Kanady, Library Media Specialist at Dover High School in Dover, Arkansas.


Dover High School student Tori already has some thoughts about what new books the library should order!


What will your grant be used for?

I am going to use the entire amount to buy books.

How long had this project been on your wishlist?

With the small budget that I have, buying books is ALWAYS on my wish list.


Faith, a student at Dover High School, will help select new books for the school library.


Will the students in your school have input on the grant’s execution? Will they help choose books for the library?

My students will have quite a bit of say in the books that get chosen.  Since they found out about the grant they have been sending me book requests which makes me really happy.

How important are school libraries in our communities?

School libraries are essential in our communities especially rural communities like mine.  I have several students that live quite a distance from town and the school library is the only library they have access to. Their parents work and by the time they get home, the public library is closed.  Plus in our rural area our Internet access ranges from none to dial-up to really slow but at least there.  I often have students stay late after school to work on projects so they have Internet access.

What was your favorite childhood school library moment?

It was really hard to choose my favorite memory because I have loved libraries for as along as I can remember.  I think one of my favorites would have to be when a librarian introduced me to the book A Wrinkle in Time.  I fell in love with that book (and entire series) and it really turned me on to reading.  She encouraged me to read whatever I wanted regardless of what level it was.

What is your proudest moment as a librarian?

I recently moved to the high school library from our middle school library.  My proudest moment was when a group of my students came into the library and said “We were so excited when we found out you came to the high school with us!  You are our favorite librarian ever!”  They then decided I would need to move to our local college when they graduated so I could continue to be their librarian forever.  Needless to say it made my day (year).


In the coming weeks, look for stories from winning schools about their libraries and plans for the grant money.



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