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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

#ThrowbackThursday with Wimpy Kid!


The tenth book in the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series—Old School—hits bookshelves everywhere on Tuesday, November 3. To celebrate, we’re introducing #Throwback Thursday with Wimpy Kid. Each week, we will share our favorite moment from each Wimpy Kid book.

You can pre-order Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School online now!

Week #1 – Diary of a Wimpy Kid

#TBT Moment: Cheese Touch

What do you get when you mix perishable goods, middle school, and a big old blacktop? THE CHEESE TOUCH! In Wimpy World, the Cheese Touch is the same thing as Cooties. One acquires said touch by coming into direct contact with a mysterious slice of moldy cheese that sits atop the school basketball court. If someone touches the cheese, he is doomed to become a social pariah until he passes it on to someone else. Greg and his friends live in constant fear of acquiring the Cheese Touch.


Book #2 – Rodrick Rules

TBT Moment: Dancing Mom Video

Video killed the Radio Star—and the “Dancing Mom” video killed Rodrick’s dreams of being a rock star. Gung-ho about getting his band Löded Diper noticed, Greg’s older brother Rodrick enters the school’s talent show. But when he watches the recording, he realizes the person filming zoomed in on his mom dancing the whole time! The video goes viral, and Rodrick’s only claim to fame is being the drummer from the “Dancing Mom” video.


Book #3 – The Last Straw

TBT Moment: Shel Silverstein

We all loved Shel Silverstein’s poems growing up, but his face isn’t so kid-friendly! In Greg’s words, the photograph of Shel on the back of The Giving Tree makes him look like a bloodthirsty burglar or a cutthroat pirate. To discourage young Greg from getting out of bed at night, Greg’s dad would threaten him that he’d run into Shel Silverstein in the hallway—like some kind of rhyming boogieman.


Book #4 – Dog Days

TBT Moment: V.I.P Lawn Service

After racking up an $83 smoothie bill, Greg and his best friend Rowley create V.I.P. Lawn Service to pay back what they owe. Their first customer is Mrs. Canfield, a friend of Greg’s grandma. Greg decides not to mow within a ten-foot circle around every piece of dog poop on her lawn–just to be safe. Afterwards Mrs. Canfield’s front yard is scattered with grassy patches!


Book #5 – The Ugly Truth

TBT Moment: Rowley’s Pimple

Rowley comes to school with a giant pimple in the middle of his forehead, and instead of being embarrassed, he flaunts it—saying that it means he’s becoming a man. Greg is annoyed until the next day, when he and Rowley get invited to one of Jordan Jury’s notoriously wild parties, possibly on account of the zit.


Book #6 – Cabin Fever

TBT Moment: Mascara Abs

Greg gets super tired during the sit-ups section of the Presidential Fitness Test.  He makes an agreement with his Phys Ed teacher to complete the rest as a homework assignment—as long as he can show proof. Greg uses his mom’s mascara to draw on fake abs, and in doing so starts a trend among the less-fit boys. Their plot fails when the mascara smudges and runs because of their sweat.


Book #7 – The Third Wheel

TBT Moment: “Midnight in Paris” Dance

The theme of the Valentine’s Day dance is Midnight in Paris! The gym is decked out in Parisian fashion, with lots of punch and snacks, and there’s a backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, a group of senior citizens take over the gym for a town meeting; the boys start chugging chocolate from the fondue fountain; and Rowley—Greg’s wingman—ends up with Greg’s date!


Book #8 – Hard Luck

TBT Moment: Body Blankie

Greg’s “Body Blankie” (the Wimpy World version of a Snuggie) is so comfortable that he decides to wear it to school under his regular clothes. But his plan totally backfires because 1) the blankie is super bulky and makes him waddle like a penguin, and 2) it causes him to accumulate copious amounts of sweat. When the zipper breaks off, Greg has no choice but to cut himself free of his beloved blanked. “I should’ve KNOWN never to trust a product that’s advertised on TV,” he cracks.


Book #9 – The Long Haul

TBT Moment: Manny’s Pet Pig

On a family road trip, Greg’s little brother Manny wins a live piglet at the county fair. The pig is a wee bit on the crazy side, and the only thing that seems to calm it down is sucking on Manny’s pacifier. This works like a charm—until Greg tries to take it out of the pig’s mouth and the pig bites him. Ouch!

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