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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

A Halloween Zoo: Spiders

Where would Santa be without his reindeer? Could there be a better delivery system for Easter eggs than the Easter Bunny? Doesn’t a turkey make you think of Thanksgiving?

Many holidays have an animal symbol associated with them, but Halloween seems to have more than any other. From owls to spiders to bats, there’s no way to escape our feathered, long legged, and flying friends in the month of October. This week, we’re exploring the Halloween Zoo and sharing some of our favorite books about each creature. Today, we’ll build a web with spiders!

Could Charlotte’s Web be the best known book about a spider ever written? Even if it’s not, this classic about friendship and loyalty will always top the list of our favorite spider stories.

When we have a question about the natural world, the first place we turn is National Geographic. The incredible photos in this book gave us a peek into the lives of these eight-legged workers that we never expected!

Fierce Eight-Legged Fighters! gave us another chance to learn freaky facts about spiders that grow as big as a dinner plate, scorpions that glow in the dark, and more creepy creatures!

We finally turned to Jerry Pallotta’s aamzing Who Would Win? series to learn more about tarantulas. The facts comparing the size, brain structure, and abilities of tarantulas and a scorpions gave us plenty to think about!

For more books about spiders, insects, and other creepy crawly creatures, visit scholastic.com/clubs!

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