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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Are You Listening?

Do audiobooks count as reading, or are they just a shortcut, an easy way out for kids who do not like to read? The answer is loud and clear: audiobooks do count and have an important place in the classroom. In the words of a public school speech therapist, “Audiobooks are important because some students have trouble decoding, or translating letters to sounds in order to form words. This affects a student’s reading fluency and comprehension, limiting the options of what they can read. However, audiobooks take that issue out of the equation.” In fact, many studies show that audiobooks are advantageous for students overall, not only for those with learning impairments. These benefits include lessons in critical listening and in pronunciation of new vocabulary.

Club Leo especially values audiobooks as a great way for non-native speakers to interactively learn the Spanish language, through both sight and sound. One of our favorite audiobook collections is the There Was an Old Lady series. It is fun, imaginative, and—at times—a bit crazy, but in all the best ways. Trust us—listening to these books aloud highlights the humor and rhyming words even more. Set up a listening corner and give your students an academic edge, by speeding up their bilingual skills.

The If You Give . . . series and a collection of Bilingual Fairy Tales are also available as bilingual audio libraries!



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