Meet Our Bookbox Blog Team

Heather Scott is the Associate Director of Merchandising and Social Media. Her personal life is about books, Tex-Mex, and music. Her professional life is about books and kids. There’s a surprising amount of overlap. You can find her on the Twitterverse at @aunt_feather.

Nicole Adduci is the Merchandising Manager for 5th Graders, TAB, and Teens. Her favorite place to read is a comfy armchair, but she’ll settle for a sunny park, a quiet coffee shop, or a sort-of-but-not-too-crowded subway train.

Darcy Evans works on Firefly and SeeSaw. On a perfect day, you can catch her either curled up with a book and a strong cup of tea or hiking in the mountains. She doesn’t recommend doing both at the same time unless you like scraped knees and stubbed toes.

Rachael Stein is the Editorial Assistant for 4th Graders and up. Outside of work she eats, sleeps, and breathes YA. She does the same at work, but adds in books for middle schoolers for a more varied literary diet. Don’t worry, she also eats (and loves) real food too! You can follow her on Twitter at @rachaeljstein.

Jamie Turak is the Merchandising Coordinator working with materials and resources for teachers. If he were a pirate, he’d tame a mischievous monkey and use the phrase “greasy sea dog” a lot . In real life, he enjoys burritos, good disco, and reading a classic novel or a fresh issue of The Economist.

Lori Wieczorek is the Editorial Manager for 2nd Graders   and 3rd Graders. She loves spending time in independent bookstores, cinemas, and any New York City park where you can actually hear birds. One of her favorite children’s series is Elephant & Piggie; she finds herself more of a Gerald than a Piggie.

Rebecca Yoshor is a Merchandising Assistant for Scholastic Reading Club. She likes cappuccinos, anything and everything YA, and beautifully illustrated picture books. She dislikes cold weather and video games.